Reporting & support

In order to guarantee the success of the project and maintain constant on going and effective information to financiers, Nyo carries out project reporting according to the schedule established and validated with the financiers.

Our reporting helps determine project milestones, allocations and proper use of funds.
The key monitoring indicators are defined according to the type of project and the objectives of the financiers. We work towards deciding them beforehand for a personalized follow-up. We provide a project monitoring platform on which project promoters and financiers can log in and exchange.
Our work and commitment ensure project traceability, allowing sponsors to follow the process and know what's going on and when. At Nyo, our reporting takes on 3 aspects.

Financial & societal reporting

Based on the same criteria as the audited project, our financial reporting establishes a series of KPIs to evaluate the smooth running and proper allocation of funds over time. Once the project is completed, we monitor societal and financial performance.

Nyó will implement and monitor the most suitable and relevant performance indicators according to the sector of activity and action.

Indicators of societal impact

• Measuring the number of people benefiting from or eligible to benefit from the action (before / after measures)
• Impact of the investment on the beneficiary's performance: evolutionary satisfaction rate
• Number and range of stakeholders affected by the action: surveys ground

Financial / commercial indicators

• ROI including the risk concept
• Traditional financial indicators: gross margin rate per transaction; operating cash balance, 3-year forecast revenue
• Acquisition rate of new clients
• Percentage of turnover from new business

HR indicators

• Team composition, experience and diversity: real-time follow-up
• Turnover rate per function

Implementing the strategy projects put in place

We bring the project stakeholders together with the project promoters and associations, in order to allow donors
• to better know the different players
• to progress their expertise on the impacts
• to pass on information through «feedback»

We suggest that donors go out and see how the project is doing on site

The Nyo team supports and assists the project promoters in the organisation of their project according to the financers standards through :

Coaching and Project Mentoring

• Motivation
• Leadership
• Market analysis
• Business risk detection

Training Modules

• Start-up toolkit 
• Logistics management
• Leadership according to Lea
• Supplier management