Project detection & Societal diligence

Project research and identification takes place in three steps :
• We draw a selection of the best projects from our partner incubators (known laboratories / nurseries) and universities according to 20 odd requirements
• Meeting with project promoters and associations
• Formatting projects according to financiers standards

We've elaborated a specific societal
due diligence methodology

which combines financial strength and societal impact on the eco-system.

We audit the main components of the project: the strategic and accounting stages to establish the appropriate financing of the project deployment.

We also establish a pragmatic, joint risk matrix to identify any obstacles or issues that may arise during the project.

The due diligence of a project's social and financial worth
consists of 4 methodological focal points


Solvency study of the entrepreneur : search and proof for business and moral guarantors and skill validation


Study of project feasibility :
deployment plan and follow-up possibility


Evaluation of the societal impact importance


The project's scalability and potential for development

The assessment is carried out with the help of our network of experts
They validate both solvency and impact, according to two different audits. Academics and university laboratories who are able to appoint leading experts according to projects.

Trend analysis
We carry out impact project benchmarking upon request, in order to determine the most recurrent major themes and to identify and duplicate the best practices.