leveraging academic expertise

Enyó an African academic and university network
in expertise and mentoring

Enyó creates, mobilises and federates a unique network of university and African higher education expertise in favour of impact project promoters.

The goal: to create an African academic collective intelligence for development.

Among the network's ambitions: to provide African social enterprises and NGOs with advanced and recognised skills to accelerate the development of their projects.

Many African countries are now experiencing strong economic growth and triggering the creation of multiple projects including social enterprise or charity projects. Non-governmental associations play a vital role and work every day to fulfil the same momentum of shared growth. The needs of the continent are extensive, the stakes and challenges immense, but the motivations and projects are even more so.

African entrepreneurs have financing requirements to carry out their projects; but contrary to popular belief, the requirements are primarily operational requirements for guidance and support.

This technical, strategic, commercial, financial and marketing support is essential for the initiation and success of these projects.

Faced with the difficulties of accessing operational support, ENYÓ mobilises university and academic skills, mainly from Africa, to support these project promoters and enable them to be guided and supported efficiently :

Advice for the entity’s

Methodological follow up and

Help defining
the project

Governance reflection and

Operational technical or technological support
depending on the sector

Strategic support:
marketing, commercial and financial

Dedicated universities and business schools in Africa have cutting-edge skills in all these areas. These practitioners, professors and knowledge professionals pass on their expertise to the dynamic forces of the continent to build a fairer future and shared growth.

Enyó supports projects with societal impact such as better access to water, sanitary facilities or better social justice, giving women the place they deserve... Social enterprises and associations must contribute to this type of impact action to benefit from the support of the Enyó network.

Our university partners
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