Responsible Advisory

About us

NYO is a consulting group for the detection and responsible development of innovative and high-impact projects in Africa and Europe on behalf of private and public financiers.

The conviction that guides us: creating financial and societal value by activating bridges between the two continents either way.

We step in for our financier clients according to 4 main lines of action:

Societal due diligence
Projects are audited to assess their quality and potential; to this end, we are supported by our incubator networks and universities active in West Africa to determine the project’s scale of impact and innovation

    Project detection in West Africa (Togo, Benin, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Mali)

    Finance engineering : proposal of responsible co-financing models (public funds / private funds); creation of consortia

throughout deployment in order to track the efficient allocation of funds and the implementation of the project until its actual success, as well as coaching and training project promoters to improve the project performance and impact.

Eager to accelerate collaborative and co-development measures to promote the quality and impact of projects, we have created the NYO Open Collaboration Platform, to establish contact between project promoters, associations, experts, coaches and academics.

We work on a fee pay basis, depending on the size of the project.
We keep actions dedicated to the development of African micro-entrepreneurship or micro-associations within our scope: they remain volunteer based.

We work alongside :

European public organizations (European Union, French development agency ...) towards their development projects of the African continent.
• More and more private investors and investment funds to turn towards Africa, for their societal development projects and sponsors.
• European foundations and associations.

Calls for projets

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Loans, guarantees and funds for private enterprises in ACP countries

The Cotonou Agreement mandates the EIB to provide repayable assistance for project support in addition to the grants awarded by the European Commission under the national programs. Goal * Promote the development of the sector … Affected domains Agriculture – Fisheries, Transport, Environment, Industry, Coop. & amp; Development, Economy -Finance, Who can apply? Large companies,
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The Global Innovation Fund

The Global Innovation Fund (GIF), a nonprofit innovation fund headquartered in London, invests in social innovations that aim to improve the lives and opportunities of people in the developing world. GIF offers grants, loans, and equity investments to support breakthrough solutions to global development challenges from social enterprises, for-profit firms, nonprofit organizations, international organizations, researchers,
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Support for Environmental Education Projects Worldwide

The Melinda Gray Ardia Environmental Foundation supports educators worldwide in developing environmental curricula that integrate field activities and classroom teaching and that incorporate basic ecological principles and problem solving. The Foundation’s grant program seeks to empower and encourage students to become involved in solving environmental and social problems, promote thoughtful and appropriate analysis and understanding

Our referal commitee

Management: Abbas Djobo

Expert in financing innovative and influential projects, Abbas Djobo was the Associate director of one of the European leaders in consulting. He was in charge of developing and managing one of the Group's SBUs and then that of its international subsidiaries (Canada, UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal). With a Master's degree in Business Law, at Paris V (Université Paris 5 René Descartes) and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, a Finance Certificate for executives at HEC Paris, he has followed various financing and engineering courses with development projects in the United States, Boston University, Harvard Kennedy School, Europe (University of York, Graduate Institute, Geneva Sciences Po Paris) and Africa (University of Cape Town, ISM Dakar).

NYO has formed a referral committee, or committee of wise men, which takes responsible and ethical action when it comes to
• the transparency of practices
• treatment equality
• project reliability and honesty
• social impact measurement

Our values


Both towards the financers and project promoters to create the best possible partnership; and the project itself, responsible for the change and impact towards the development of its ecosystem.


Nyo is also the conviction that it is possible to accelerate, to strengthen the development of the African continent. Our determination to move forward, our financiers’ determination, the determination of entrepreneurs and associations to grow.


Ultimate driving force of our actions, which pushes us forward; passion of foundations and NGOs for the development of Africa


Whether technological, social or organizational, innovation is what drives our actions. Seeing things differently is the beginning of impact. Specifically, it reflects a certain form of intelligence both from our project promoters and the methods we use to find solutions in the field, moving the project forward and making it happen.


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Nyo participe au financement de Totem

Nyo participe au financement de Totem, entreprise du Niger, spécialisée dans le développement d’applications Internet et sur téléphone portable, a développé une solution innovante et adaptée, notamment à la gestion d’établissements scolaires. Grâce à ce financement, l’entreprise pourra assurer son fonds de roulement, et ainsi se concentrer sur le démarchage de nouveaux clients.
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Nyo a participé au financement de Niger Bioplast.

L’entreprise, située au Niger, offre des solutions innovantes dans le ramassage des ordures et le recyclage, participant ainsi à une mission de salubrité d’intérêt public. Grâce à ce financement, l’entreprise va pouvoir produire des paniers poubelles en matériaux recyclés, destinés à l’usage des ménages.
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NYO a participé au financement de Sahel Délices

NYO a participé au financement de Sahel Délices, entreprise située au Niger agissant dans le secteur de l’agro-business, qui propose des produits frais et sains inspirés des traditions ancestrales tels que le jus de bissap, tamarin et gingembre, ou encore des confitures de bissap, etc. Ce financement lui permettra de renforcer sa commercialisation en investissant

Our partners

Lelony international

Our partner in Abidjan in Côte d'Ivoire: detection, support and reporting


Incubator in Djibouti (Technology and Innovation Center for Development)


Incubator in Niamey Niger (SME incubator center in Niger)

Fond d’amorçage du Cipmen

in partnership with the French Embassy in Niger